Eyes to see

February 9, 2010

It occurred to me today, that going to a job is (for me) the grandest of distraction. Keeps me busy, running, diverted, and multi-tasking … not here. In each moment. Fully engaged and focused on parenting; on the heaviness and difficulty of the task of shepherding a life, of training and discipling this person.

Working keeps me skimming above the surface … unable to sit with and move through the hard times.

So, this time being home … it’s not all gravy. Or giggles and smiles and sweet moments.

It is many of those things.

But it’s also: mundane, repetitive, slow moments … that add up to days.

Some days, we are home all day and I feel “unproductive.” I haven’t been “out”, in the world.

(How bizarre – that is my scale of productive).

The day may have looked like this: up before Maddie to have tea and spend some time in the Word; prepare breakfast for my family; do learning and teaching with Maddie for a few hours while cleaning/cooking/sorting/organizing/laundering; prepare lunch; spend 1 hour+ reading and being read to … it may then be 2pm, and I am not yet showered. Oh! Mid-morning, we get outside to move our bodies (usually after math): often, it’s a walk. Today, it was a walk plus frisbee and some relays up the street.

I get in the shower at 3pm and think, only a couple more hours of daylight!

But, to instead be able to SEE, with His eyes, the beauty …

:: of teaching, loving, discipling …

:: of caring for our home, making this a lovely space …

:: of preparing meals to nourish the health of my family …

:: of quiet moments in His Word …

:: of pouring in to relationships, and loving people.

Thank You, Father, for the gift of today.


2 Responses to “Eyes to see”

  1. Mike Green Says:

    Very nice toe-in-the-water dip into the pool of social soul-sharing. I look forward to watching you swim.

  2. Meredith Says:

    I am right there with you on this Emily! The other day, I found myself wondering how staying at home could feel so much more peaceful and right than working–most days at home, I feel like I don’t get anything at all done. But on the other hand, I’m learning so much from this simpler life, and when I really think about it, I suppose that the things that I *do* accomplish (feeding Lizzy, reading to her, making dinner) carry so much more weight than say….unproductive staff meetings 😉

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