Around the World … from Medford!

February 11, 2010

This fall, I started doing childcare on Thursday mornings at a local church, during their mom’s bible study. A friend and fellow homeschool mama asked me, and it immediately seemed like a win-win situation: I would get to love on some babies, spend time with my friend, earn a few dollars; Madison would get to spend time growing friendships w/other homeschool kids.

I had no idea what a blessing it would be! This particular church has many families with a passion for international adoption. So, the small group of homeschool kids is a *diverse* group! There are kids from 3 different African countries, and 2 Asian countries. Out of about 8 kids, that’s pretty incredible!

The “big” kids meet separately from me and the babies; and starting in January, one *very special* mother has been teaching the big kids about a different country each week. And I mean, teaching! The week they studied India, they were in the church kitchen, preparing authentic Indian cuisine. This week, they studied China and Madison left with a homemade Chinese lantern, a bag of fortune cookies, and so much new information.  Next week, Ukraine …

What a gift!


2 Responses to “Around the World … from Medford!”

  1. Emily ~ I love this SO much and what a wonderful gift of learning about different countries each week! Like you said, it is a double blessing! God is so good!

  2. […] every thursday morning i do childcare at a church while she spends time learning w/another wonderful group of homeschool […]

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