February 15, 2010

maddie and are really enjoying creating “lap books” as our bible study time each morning. we (i!) had grown bored with the study book we were working through, and lap books have provided a great change of pace. so far, we’ve studied Kindness, Diligence … and this week, Mercy.

A verse jumped out at me today, and we are going to think about it and focus on implementing it throughout the week.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice … ” (Romans 12:15).

what does this really look like? for madison, we talked about some examples that typify instances that come up in her life. when a friend is celebrating over a good grade at school, does madison rejoice with that friend, or chastise them for ‘bragging’? when a friend wins at a game, masters a new skill, overcomes an obstacle, how does she respond? by REJOICING!!

and for mama, may i be mindful to truly rejoice with those who rejoice this week.


One Response to “rejoice!”

  1. Christy Says:


    Thank you so much for introducing yourself and leaving a comment on my post today. While everything I blog is really out of my love of journaling and intended as a record for our family, I am always so humbled when I hear of how my simple words have blessed or encouraged someone else. Thank you so much for following along with me all this time. It’s nice to officially meet you!

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