paradigm-shifting …

February 18, 2010

in the past few years, my understanding about food has changed, radically.

i believe GOD placed a growing desire in me, a couple years ago, to learn and make some changes. i started small, and gradually eliminated some things, while adding others.

this past fall, when i entered in to a pretty dark “funk” that was both physical and spiritual/emotional, i became more desperate.

and desperate, when the focus is right, can be a great thing.

DESPERATE for the Living Word (more on that later) as well as DESPERATE for healing physically.

so, my quest for understanding what healthy looking really meant, increased dramatically.

and the shift that has/is occurring?

fats are not all bad; in fact, many are really good. for instance, we use coconut oil daily in our home (for food as well as cosmetic reasons).

i could enumerate more specifics around food changes in our home, and i definitely will in subsequent posts!, but today i am thinking more about the pervasive, cultural perspective about “healthy eating” and how that runs so counter to what i am coming to believe. i was just sitting (in the sun! thank you LORD!) reading a magazine article about ways to reduce heart disease risk. one suggestion: replace real eggs w/egg substitutes. i disagree.

as much as possible, i’d like our family to eat food as close to it’s original, God-designed form. Real eggs. Real, grass-fed beef. Real produce.



One Response to “paradigm-shifting …”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Amen sister! I love how God created perfect food for our bodies and how they nourish us…and He also created the perfect Word for our souls that nourishes us.

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