being stretched

February 23, 2010

a few months ago, i was asked to provide childcare for a local neighbor girl; a stranger, really, with whom a huge barrier existed: we speak different languages. we quickly agreed (my husband lead with most conviction and passion about helping someone who was desperate) and embarked on what has been a most interesting, eventful and colorful couple of months. =)

in those early weeks, it was so easy for me to go to a place of resentment and frustration but in time, i have been learning to let go of some “rights”, including, “my” time, “my” space, “my” family, “my” stuff. boy, how uncomfortable. and at the same time, i was practicing the implementation of needful boundaries; the holding of uncomfortable conversations when they were needed.

and the blessings that have come? there are so many. our maddie is getting to really practice sharing and giving and helping and deferring, to another (and she’s been begging for a sibling!). we play and laugh, a LOT. my husband patiently teaches and gives “lessons” (the girls sigh, ‘not another lesson!’) and is a climbing fixture and hug-giver, a lot. our game nights have grown. most nights, we not only have maria, but also our neighbor friend (who is family, truly) as well.

GOD is stretching me in this, and for that, i am grateful.


2 Responses to “being stretched”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What a great opportunity to “choose to be a blessing” (love that song)!

    And maybe a great opportunity for Maddie to learn some Spanish?

    • home2learn Says:

      yes, exactly! we’ve already decided that maddie and i will study spanish as a part of our schooling next year. hopefully some of the spanish i studied in college will come back to me. =)

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