giving and receiving

March 4, 2010

i am learning a lot lately about giving and receiving. i am being stretched (again) and realizing the discomfort and vulnerability in expressing need and thus, receiving. it is much more comfortable to give! but i want to learn what GOD has for me in this season … lessons i sense about humility, gratitude and grace.

and in the midst of the giving and receiving, there is so much love. i am blessed.

sunny flowers brought to me by a friend yesterday, to brighten my day =)


3 Responses to “giving and receiving”

  1. thomas' Says:


  2. Meredith Says:

    Gorgeous sunny flowers!

  3. Michele Says:

    Oh…the stretching! That learning process that makes us twist and turn in uncomfortable positions. I’m a giver too, but one day it hit me…when we give, we receive a blessing in that moment – the blessing of giving.

    Now, if I’m always the one giving and not receiving from others, then I’m not allowing others to experience the blessing of giving. Does that make sense?

    When we think of expressing our need, and thus receive from others, we are in a way giving the gift of giving to others (: Whoa! Did ya follow that?!! I hope so, because I think if I tried to explain it another way I might confuse myself (:

    Loved your post…so inspiring (:

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