dr. bronner’s – favorite cleaner!

March 5, 2010

i had no idea what a great, all-purpose cleaning product existed in dr. bronner’s pure-castile soap. last year, i began to use it (dilute w/lots of warm water) to mop our floors, and it works so great! i dilute it in a spray bottle for counter and miscellaneous cleaning, and in a pinch, it works great for our bodies as well (i know many who use this regularly – and love it- as soap).

i love that it is not harmful, toxic or chemical-laden. i buy it in bulk at a local store and continue to find new uses for it in our home.

3 Responses to “dr. bronner’s – favorite cleaner!”

  1. Jessica A. Says:

    I used this in Jessica W’s wonderful holiday Oatmeal Body Scrub but I didn’t even think about it for around the house and I have a lot left over from my holiday crafts! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your great tips!!!!

  2. […] Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap + water […]

  3. Kelly Says:

    I love Dr. Bronner’s Soap…we have used it for the boys all around body/hair wash after I realized that the expensive “natural” products” were not all that natural…and really expensive.

    I know too that Dr. Bronner’s can be used as a cleaner…I just haven’t done so…now I might.

    Emily, thanks for the great insight and reminder.

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