sleepover extravaganza!

March 7, 2010

conversation with madison weeks ago: sleepover for your birthday party, love? sure, no problem!

last week, as preparations were fully underway for madison’s 10th bday sleepover, i realized … this is a big production. as my sweet hubby reminded me, full oversight and involvement from start to finish is needed. that’s a lot of hours. =)

but, i am glad to say that it was a wonderful, full, fun night!! i am hopeful each of the girls enjoyed their time here. madison had a *blast*.

((and how great of a girlfriend do i have that brings me over a bottle of wine for the night and a gift card for coffee for the next day!? gretch- you are the best.))

the night’s itinerary looked like this:

5:30pm – arrival

*pin the tail (which was actually pin the paw on the dog =))

little mae joined the fun!

sophie won - smiling with her prize!

*”would you rather?” (facilitated by my mom – thanks! – as i was helping a child in another room)

eyes closed- bummer! maddie and her grandma =)

dinner time: corn dogs (a huge treat for madison), oranges and my chicken-rice soup that madison requested

opening gifts!

next … more GAMES! (a ton of them – here’s the list, in no particular order):

*seasonal charades (a different container held kids’ activities done in each season)

*my “favorite” game (my husband’s creation and, no pun intended, the crowd favorite … each child wrote 5 of their favorite things on 5 pieces of paper. they passed the bowl, drawing one paper and guessing who wrote it. if they guessed correctly, they kept the paper. the first one to 5 won.)

*dance routine (another of hubby’s ideas … each girl thought of 1 dance move, taught it to the group, they combined all moves for one routine … performed for parents)

*”made you laugh” (the girls divided in teams and attempted to get the other team to smile/laugh at their antics)

next … change in to jammies (major fun!), grab your stuffed animal, set up sleeping bags in the living room!

they enjoyed more treats, watched movies, and were awesome! i even fell asleep at a decent hour. =)

around 7am, i heard voices in the living room. they were up! one little friend had an early morning basketball game; the others woke and were ready for breakfast. my hubby leaned over in bed and asked if he could make pancakes for them for breakfast. fabulous idea, babe. =)

my sweeties =)

after pancakes, the girls settled in to play a much-desired game that madison received (“guess who”) and do some crafting before it was time to go home.

happy early birthday, my sweet girl! i can’t believe you are almost double digits (march 9th officially) !! you are my heart and my love and God’s sweetest blessing.


5 Responses to “sleepover extravaganza!”

  1. Jessica A. Says:

    Girlfriend, you are one AWESOME Momma! When you said a ‘packed’ night of games and interaction, you were not kidding! I’m so happy for Maddie and I love all the photos you posted! These are the parties that kids remember forever! And big Kudos to Mike for making pancakes for breakfast! 🙂

    I’m not sure that those girls could have had anymore fun, they may have passed out. *wink* It looks like a total success and I must agree that I can’t believe that Maddie is about to be 10! That is just a confirmation that staying at home with our precious little miracles is EXACTLY where we should be since the time is just zooming by way too fast!

    Love you and thanks for the details and the photos! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO enjoyed this post!

  2. home2learn Says:

    jess, thank you SO much sweet friend! =)

  3. Gretchen Says:

    What a great way to show all the fun the girls had. I know that Sophie had a great time! I am glad you enjoyed the wine and coffee, the Lord put it on my heart so you have Him to thank! Hope the rest of the weekend has been great and that Maddie has a great day on Tuesday! Tell Maddie thanks again for including Mae, it made her feel really special.

  4. Meredith Says:

    What a sweet birthday treat Em! Love the pictures, and it looks like the girls all had a wonderful time!

  5. amy Says:

    looks like SO much fun! thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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