a decade of blessing

March 10, 2010

:: i am taking a quick break from the bustle of today to shout out to blogland: happy 10th birthday to my most precious maddie!!

i will post some pics from today later, but for now …

last week, i found this letter that i had written to madison on my first mother’s day, 2000 … she was just a few months old. this excerpt stands out in my heart and mind today:

“Before you were born, I would think ahead to when you grew older – a toddler, a preschooler, etc – and I felt apprehensive. I could fathom a baby in my life but the rest scared me! Oh how different it is now!! Now I can’t wait for your growth, because I can’t wait to watch you as you change, as your personality develops. I am thrilled at the thought of getting to have you as my daughter forever – seeing you grow into a beautiful girl. You are already so gorgeous, how could you get any cuter?! And your spirit is already so amazing. Thank GOD for you.”

Wow. I read that to Maddie last week and choked up …

I can still relate to that feeling of apprehension and inadequacy: a teenager?! Will I possibly be able to meet the challenges of that time?

and yet what i know now is that GOD supplies all of my needs and equips me for every stage and every area in which i lack (and there are many). and along the way, there is blessing untold and joy that i couldn’t fathom back on the day i wrote this letter. my baby girl has grown in to a beautiful girl, on the cusp of so many changes and so much growth. i thank GOD for the gift of being her mama.


2 Responses to “a decade of blessing”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What a special letter for Maddie to have!

  2. Oh what a beautiful post! I was so young when I had Regan and I was almost knocked off my feet by the overwhelming LOVE that I felt immediately when I saw his tiny face. I had known while he was inside my womb that I loved him with a protective and amazing love and I was pretty sure that this love was as big as it would get, but I was so wrong. WOW did God fill me with love for that little boy! There are times that I still stare at his face and feel so full of love that I just might burst.

    I am watching Regan grow so quickly in front of me. Our days with our babies are so few and what a blessing that we are both now able to stay home and soak up this time with them and do our best to raise them to be God seekers, learning to find and follow His will for their lives.

    Maddie is truly a beautiful and vibrant young lady! I am excited to watch how God molds her into His image.

    Blog Fan…. *wink*

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