lecture: healing lymphoma with nutrition

March 14, 2010

my mom is a cancer survivor (non-hodgkins lymphoma, to be specific)! thank GOD.

when i learned that our local Weston A Price chapter (www.westonaprice.org) was doing a presentation featuring a man (Jerry Brunetti) who experienced radically healing from non-hodgkins lymphoma, we eagerly decided to go.

i am glad we did.

before the nitty-gritty of what i learned … the fun aesthetics: the meeting was held at a home in williams, a rural community several miles outside of my town. this couple has cows that provide raw, real milk for many fortunate individuals in our valley. the drive out was just awesome … rolling hills, vineyards, hilltops covered in snow, lush green, cows grazing, llamas wandering. =0) and  a major highlight: after the lecture, we were able to observe the milking of a cow! a first for maddie  and what an experience. (ps – i kept saying, “ah, i so wish i had my camera!” while we were there, only to discover on our drive home that my camera was in my purse the whole time. grr)

the lecture lasted 2 hours; the first hour was devoted to exploring the physiology of the cancer cell and sort of a big picture, systemic look at our bodies. the last hour was devoted to recommended dietary/nutritional changes.

i wish that i could say that i walked away with a cogent, clear picture understanding of what happens with cancer in our bodies. but as i tried to review my notes with my husband afterward and share what i learned, i was frustrated to realize that i learned lots of pieces of information but so much that my brain never connected all the dots. don’t you hate that? you take scattered, random, multiple notes but in looking them over later, can’t *exactly* remember what you were trying to capture?!

that said, i left with some definite takeaway nuggets and more importantly, more questions. questions are good as they spur more seeking, looking, and inquiry. =)

some highlights (in my abbreviated, non-medical jargon):

:: low cell oxygen is related to (causal?) in cancer – cancer cells are anaerobic, and have a high demand for glucose (http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/cancerselftreatment.htm)

:: he spoke extensively about the respiratory mechanism within cells, cellular enzymes and their process in facilitating this (ie, catalase converts excess hydrogen peroxide to h2O and O2). this respiratory process is key!!

:: he said that “cancer cells are sugar junkies”  and have 10x as many insulin receptors- major takeaway

Recommended diet/nutritional components that supported jerry brunetti’s healing from lymphoma (he referred to these things as “ORAC”: oxygen radical absorbance capacity):

:: eat only a little sugar and carbohydrate

:: essential fatty acides (linoleic acid is an “oxygen magnet”)

:: Resveratrol (in red wine, grapes, some berries …)

:: Carotenoids (anti-oxidants)

:: Vitamin D (D-3) … discussion around appropriate “dose”. 1/2 hr sun = 20,000 IU’s.  cod liver oil (fermented) a great source.

:: Iodine … important for thyroid and breast health (12.5 mg dose)

:: Apple Cider Vinegar

::Indole3carbinols (cruciferous vegetables – cabbage, broccoli, kale)

:: DIM – diethylmethane

:: Lycopene (tomatoes, grapefruit, watermelon)

:: CoQ10 (enzyme in body)

:: Vitamin A (helps gastro tract, lungs)

:: Green tea – polyphenols

:: Tocopherols (vit E)

:: Pygnogenol (plant extract; anti-oxidant, anti-inflamm)

:: Lipoic Acid

:: Artimisin (compound from plant)

:: Vitamin C (MUCH discussion on this.  jerry brunetti had 150g via IV to heal his cancer. according to research of dr. andrew saul, cancer cells let vitamin C in because it looks like glucose. additionally – my paraphrase – vitamin C comes in the cell, there is a major blast of H2O2 and it kills the cell. vit C acts as a pro-oxidant)

::Colostrum serum

:: Melatonin

this is a lot of information!! some sources: http://www.Agri-dynamics.com (jerry brunetti’s website); westonaprice.org; cancerdecisions.com; dr. sam epstein.

my final thoughts: as my husband and i talked through this tonight, we shared our thoughts about the enormous pharmaceutical industry. with their billions of dollars, are they researching treatments and cures outside the box of western medicine? are those in leadership within that industry aware of the movements that exist (exemplified by today’s meeting) with individuals passionate about seeking causes and cures (not just treating symptoms) of cancer? if so, what are they doing about it? why isn’t non-pharmaceutical information typically shared at large conferences, such as the lymphoma one that i attended with mom many years ago (that was funded by pharmaceuticals – !!) ?

is there a link between the astronomical rise in cancer (40% of us will get it – current stats) and the food that we are eating? is there a connection between the proliferation of processed, fake, hydrogenated, mass-produced “foods” and rise in cancers?

** this subject is such a tender one for so many of us! my mom benefitted tremendously from chemotherapy so i certainly feel no judgment toward the mainstream medical approach toward cancer. i just feel led to ask questions, but i pray that my questions are not taken personally or felt harshly by any.


LORD, i seek your wisdom as i passionately pursue Your picture of full health and victorious living. let me continue to take steps toward understanding Your best design for Your creation …


3 Responses to “lecture: healing lymphoma with nutrition”

  1. Summer Waters Says:

    Great post (and questions), Emily! I’m glad you enjoyed the talk.

    Take Care,
    Summer Waters

  2. LCM Says:

    Hey Emily, I didn’t know your mom went through that. My youngest, Madeline, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006. Our docs were quite specific about what she could and couldn’t have, like no vitamin supplements, while she was doing chemo. It was weird not to be able to help her body out that way.
    Good job keeping up with the research. I always wondered about Maddy’s cancer because blood cancers can be caused by benzene and we lived in Portland for all but 3 months of her life, and there is a high benzene level in the waterways there.

  3. bernice bucker Says:

    i now have lumphoma im not sure about anything right now… only doc said it was treatable didnt say anything aobut cureable thas what i wanted to hear… im taking it one day at a timewhne the doc tells me where im at with this ill trya nd deal with it then,,,, we all r trying to be possative my kids and gradkids.. but i never thought i wouls have this not in the family i feel so bad when u know now any one can get it how did i get it though i dont know

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