highlights …

March 16, 2010

maddie painted the pot ... and we put this beauty inside!

a few highlights and snippets from the past few days …

:: i LOVE the time change! the later evenings are such a treat! tonight, we took our first-of-the-spring evening walk as a family. still light at 7pm – love it!!

:: maddie got *another* hamster! total impulse buy. =) we were at petsmart buying food for her current, beloved hamster (scooter) when we saw this teeny-tiny dwarf hamster being attacked by his cage-mates. maddie got tears in her eyes and said she had to rescue him! she had saved her birthday money and after some calculating of the expense (*her* expense) for needed supplies, i agreed that she could buy him. my decision was due in large part to how diligent and devoted she has been to scooter for the year that she’s had him; and she had saved birthday money so had all that she needed to purchase everything.  so, much to my hubby’s chagrin (lol) we arrived home w/ a new pet. the little guy, named “rice krispie”, aka, “krispie” is SOO cute!

:: i realized today, as maddie begged to stop at subway for lunch, that it’s been a long time since we’ve eaten out. for us, 3 wks is a long time. =) i realized that we took for granted quick stops for food, when i didn’t feel like cooking or just because it sounded good. now, we just can’t afford it, so i am motivated even more to prepare real food, 3 times a day, for my family. it is more effort and not always so fun (so a mixed “highlight”, really!) but there is such satisfaction in knowing that we are eating real food; that we are sacrificing meeting our instant desires and are experiencing not having our “wants” met but instead having all of our needs met.

:: we met friends midday at the park today – oh, the benefits of homeschooling!! =) it was sweet … the kids played and i got a chance to talk w/my dear (and very pregnant!) friend, lori.

maddie and naomi, climbing high!

maddie, naomi and abby =)

:: in the past few weeks, i’ve experienced such a sense of confirmation and satisfaction about our decision to homeschool. there is nothing better than in-the-moment parenting and discipling of this precious life, and then seeing the fruit of that in her life … in her spirit, behavior, attitude. teaching, learning, modeling, walking through, praying through, talking through … these are the invaluable benefits of being home w/my sweet daughter during these fleeting years. thank God.


2 Responses to “highlights …”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog entry. It is funny because I was thinking just the other day that we haven’t been eating out as much lately either. I love the fact that today I need to go to the store and buy more apples and bananas (reminds me of a song..lol) because Regan has been eating them for his snacks instead of chips and salsa or something not nearly as good for him as raw fruit!

    Bravo to you for all your home cooking! I am sure you have thought of this but because of the fact that you don’t feel you should be spending money on fast food anymore, you are all eating healthier foods! There is the silver lining. And what an example you are setting for your sweet girl!

    I am also right on page with you about homeschool, this has been a rough first year for us but even with its imperfections I am seeing character traits in Regan that I don’t believe would be there if this year would have been in a ‘traditional’ school setting. And if for no other reason, he has Bible class each day of homeschool and he is learning so much more than I ever knew at his age. (Don’t tell him I said that) LOL! God is Good!

  2. Meredith Says:

    I am right there with you on the cooking! It is such a blessing, even if it is also sometimes a struggle. As much as I HATE doing Food 4 Less runs (need to do one today actually), it is so much better, both nutritionally and financially!

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