happy 80th birthday, sweet grandma!

March 21, 2010

me and grandma, taken a few years ago

i am indescribably blessed to have this amazing woman as my grandmother. she embodies so many characteristics that i pray would grow in my life and all who know her experience the love and kindness that pours forth from her life.

:: she selflessly and continually gives her time, her possessions, her love … (people matter so much more than “things” to her; she’ll give you her special treasures just to bless and share; as a child, if i accidentally dropped and broke a special thing, she would really not care – it’s just a thing, she’d say!)

:: she lives a life of exemplary hospitality; to be in her home is to feel welcome, nourished, and loved. she is always prepared for the many friends and loved ones who stop by unexpectedly for a visit … a warm cup of coffee, some delicious food and great company.

:: she is an amazing cook! i can call her for in-the-moment cooking questions. she creates delicious, healthy, amazing food! there is nothing more joyful and comforting than being at grandma’s house for thanksgiving dinner – the only place to be on thanksgiving day.

:: she is a model of fitness and health!! every day, for as long as i can remember (and long before i was born), grandma takes a (long, brisk) walk. she does yoga, exercise classes, and more. her calves are something to envy! she just exudes health and ease and beauty in her skin.

:: she cares for and loves on my sweet papa each day; serving as his faithful helpmeet in response to the love and care he’s so tenderly shown her during their 60+ years of marriage.

:: she is a servant! we laugh to think of grandma delivering for the meals on wheels program, to “elderly” people who were younger than her! =)

:: she has such a strong faith and is such an encourager, providing perspective and reassurance when things are rocky in life.

:: her love is unconditional! she speaks life and hope and love to all who know her.

grammy, i love you so much!


4 Responses to “happy 80th birthday, sweet grandma!”

  1. Liz Says:

    What a sweet tribute to your grandma!

  2. Jessica Averill Says:

    That is so sweet!!! Aren’t Grandma’s the best?!? Today my Grandma is 82! I never knew they had the same Birthdays.

  3. Tina (daughter inlaw to Grama) Says:

    Amen to everything you said about your sweet Grama! She is all that and more… One of the greatest blesssings in my life. Emily, you are a doll to honor her this way. Love to you!

  4. […] are words repeated by my beloved grammy countless times when we are together; she lives and breathes hospitality, graciousness and love, […]

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