steps in the right direction – part 1

March 23, 2010

there are so many changes that i’ve implemented in our home; in what we eat, especially. and there continue to be so many other changes and improvements that i am stirred to make – it can be overwhelming! but in all things, grace … for the steps that we can take, when we take them; and for the beauty of what will unfold in the future.

i look back over the past few years and see the pretty radical changes that we’ve made; and yet, there are many more! so, i’ve decided to do a series here on my blog, about the specific step i will be taking, at that time. i may include some of my thinking (generally inspired by quite a bit of research and learning) that is prompting me toward this specific change.

my overarching desire is to be a faithful steward of of this vessel and to continue to move my family and my  home in to greater health and less “toxicity.” specifically, i am desperate for healing for a specific health issue of my daughter’s that is related to what she eats and comes in contact with; as well as my own health, which hit a low point this last fall but is steadily improving, thank GOD.

so for today, part 1! i sat down this morning with my file folder/divider, and pulled out my information (i collect as i read and find) under the heading, “cleaning.” something i read this morning rekindled my desire to really improve the products and systems that i am using to clean in our home. i want to eliminate heavy chemical, toxic cleaners and to instead utilize frugal, safe choices.

after sorting and taking notes and rereading articles and clippings, here is what i’ve concluded and written down as my “plan to implement” effective today:

:: Spray bottle cleaning options:

:: Scrub cleaning options:

  • paste: Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile + baking soda  (tried this today and loved it!)
  • Baking Soda: sprinkle on, spray with vinegar bottle
  • Dip 1/2 cut lemon in baking soda, scrub countertop w/the lemon – after scrubbing, wipe with wet cloth (tried this today and loved it also!)

This is where i am starting. i want to make my laundry detergent and have a great recipe (from for this; one thing at a time!

for the sake of being frugal, i will likely use what cleaners that i have on hand until they are gone, then instead of replacing … i  will use the frugal, safe options listed above!

i would LOVE to hear what other people are doing … what is working, what you are using. =)

a scary picture of the "before" under the sink ... this doesn't include all the cleaners i kept on the counter by the sink!

this is after i organized, and it includes the cleaners normally kept on the counter! the small "spice" bottle is cleaned and full of baking soda; one of the tall spray bottles has vinegar and the other, dr. bronner's mix (re-using old bottles)

2 Responses to “steps in the right direction – part 1”

  1. My sweet friend, I love this! You have inspired me to take another look at my cleaning products and purge many of the toxic chemicals. I wouldn’t have thought of using a lemon and baking soda, but what a logical and great idea!

  2. thomas' Says:

    Great post! Emily I too use spray bottles. I keep a bottle of half vinegar & half water in my shower. Boy does it sparkle! For the kids tub I use baking soda. And lemon for the toilets..yep good stuff 🙂

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