saying goodbye …

March 25, 2010

my heart is heavy tonight as the reality of my precious friend’s move to hawaii this week is settling in. jessica has been a lifeline at times; a faithful and loyal friend and encourager. she has prayed me through hard times and rejoiced when blessings poured in. she has mentored me through our transition to homeschooling, providing perspective and encouragement and ideas. she has loved my girl (providing care during the summers that i worked),welcoming her in to the fold of their amazing family. she has been a core part of our tuesday night bible study. she has met me for coffee countless times, to talk and cry and process and share. we have grown through difficult, uncomfortable discussions and disagreements; knowing that above all, we LOVE. deeply.

as we parted through tears today (with my maddie crying as well as we reached the car), i was reminded again: as we experience loss and letting go and seasons like this, we are also blessed with new beginnings and friends to come alongside and grow deeply with in days to come. just as i couldn’t have imagined, when jess and i began to really “go deep” a few years ago, that our friendship could have become this core and crucial and sweet in my life; i also can’t imagine what GOD has in store for both of us ahead. this move is the culmination of years of dreaming and longing and knowing that GOD was leading their family in this direction – finally, they get to go!

so, this is life, right? the comings and goings; the hello’s and goodbyes; the tears and the laughter. and in all things, it is so good to know that our Father has good plans for His children; that as we follow His lead and obey His direction, life unfolds in ways we couldn’t ever imagine.

heather, lori, me and jess ... celebrating jessica's bday last month


One Response to “saying goodbye …”

  1. Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo……………


    Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo……


    Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo…..

    ~This post made me cry~

    I’m going to miss her too! Jessica has been one of the few women of my adult life that I have looked at and admired. Her faith, her relationship with Jesus, her humility, her Mothering skills, and her overall personality of grace, strength, and humility….have all effected me personally.

    We have been blessed by knowing her and I know that we will remain in each others hearts until and through we spend our eternity together in Heaven!

    She will be missed beyond words, but I will be rejoicing as you are that God has been so faithful to fulfill the promise and desire that he put in Jessica and Ben’s heart years ago for Hawaii!

    Great post! You are a precious friend!

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