spring break on the cheap

March 26, 2010

what a full, wonderful week it has been! every day has been full of special times with friends and family; hiking, playing at the park (a few times!), going to friends’ homes and having them over here. during this season, as we are needing to be careful about how we are spending money, it is great to realize TIME with people we love is FREE.=)

(beware, lots of pictures to follow!)

it started with my beloved grandma’s 80th birthday celebration at Callahan’s lodge on friday night …

my beloved and our sweetie on the deck outside callahan's

love my babe!!

ok, enough of the Green fam! here is the birthday “girl” =) …

grandma, uncle jerry and papa

what a great dinner!

on saturday, we spent the evening at the wertz family going away party. what a night!

the kids had a blast!

heather and her sister, naomi

lori and jess

sunday afternoon we went over to grandma’s a for a “belated” and DELICIOUS st. paddy’s day corned beef and cabbage feast! uncle jerry and his wife, tina, were still in town … we had a great afternoon.

monday’s highlights included a hike up table rock with our neighbor (aka, other daughter) mylia:

at the start of the hike ...

we made it to the top! nothing short of a miracle after countless moans of, "this hurts! i am tired!" on the way up!

throughout the week, there were many of these moments:

mylia in the "swing" the girls made in the tree out front ...

tuesday we went to the park with some sweet friends and enjoyed some warm sunshine!

pic taken last month, but same girls and same park!

wednesday included getting to pick up some wertz kids to give mama some time to pack, and maddie some final playtime w/her dear friends …

jayden and maddie - buds!

maddie and tala

everyone loves the hamsters!

thursday morning we did our usual thursday morning routine: childcare at westminster! i am so enjoying my deepening friendship with heather, and maddie is continuing to learn SO much each week about different countries! so far, they’ve studied: honduras, haiti, india, philippines, china, chile, ukraine, israel, uganda, guatemala, kenya, brazil (she just recited those – awesome!)

thursday afternoon we spent time w/precious ernestine and her kiddos … always so good to be together.

today … friday … spent the morning watching some kiddos and now mylia is over ( of course!) and the girls are already planning our night … “can we rent a movie w/our pizza?” =)


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