“because he loves us … “

March 29, 2010

our family is in an interesting season right now.

we have transitioned from both my husband and i working outside of the home and madison being enrolled at our local christian school; to all of us being home! i am homeschooling madison and my husband is working from home … in his “office”, which is in our living room. =) tight quarters.

he is tireless in his efforts to grow his company and works long hours at his desk, on the computer and on the phone.

several weeks ago, madison commented about him working so much, and i explained to her that he is working hard for his family, to provide for us because he loves us.

i thank God for this “reframe”; for the decision to focus on the positive aspect of him working so hard. because it can be so easy, as a wife, to fall in to that place of resentment/unmet expectation/aggravation/whining … about the hard work of our husbands.

but i choose to remember: that God has given my man special gifts and a particular vision around this business; God is blessing us and the business; and through it all, my husband remains more engaged and involved and hands-on and tender and patient than anyone i know!

so here’s the sweet wrap up of this overly-long story …

last night, mylia was over and in her usual i-am-a-member-of-this-family-so-i-can-tease-and-joke fashion, she was chiding mike about “always being on the computer.”

maddie looked at her and said, “mylia, it’s because he loves us.”

thank God.


3 Responses to ““because he loves us … “”

  1. Jessica Averill Says:

    Way to go Momma & Maddie! You are so wise to look from that perspective at his working hard for the family. I understand how easy it can be to fall in the unmet expextation trap! Praise God for timely wisdom.

  2. thomas' Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! awsome job my friend. speaking words of life!

  3. Liz Says:

    Maddie is very wise 🙂 I love that! God Bless Maddie and her sweet parents!!!

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