His Words, my little cards

March 31, 2010

here are my cards ... nothing fancy but covered with words of Life

i was reminded last night at bible study about these cards.

they were life and breath for me during some difficult and dark months this fall.

beth moore had long recommended writing scripture down and carrying the cards, and i always intended to do it … but finally decided to last fall.

i poured through God’s word and wrote down verses about hope, His love, healing and life  … and i literally carried these cards with me, reading them over many times a day and often right before i fell asleep at night.

His Word is life; He heals and redeems and it was (and is!) indescribably crucial for me to meditate on His truth throughout my days.


2 Responses to “His Words, my little cards”

  1. jani Says:

    Love this!
    A wonderful idea.
    I may just do it myself.

    • home2learn Says:

      thank you, jani! i have to thank beth moore for suggesting these cards in a bible study a while back … i finally decided to do it and am so glad that i did.

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