April 2, 2010

we were so thankful to be invited to passover seder at our friend’s home this week. it was my first time and was an unforgettable experience.

a little background: i’ve felt stirred and interested in jewish practices and celebrations for a few years. i think i had an ‘ah ha’ moment when i realized that my Savior was a Jew; that He participated in what i had come to think were irrelevant old testament traditions. (this connection was never made for me in the church). if he and his disciples did, then what does that mean for me today? if He came not to do away with the “Law” but to fulfill it, should i completely do away with it? this is a *very* simplistic overview of a much deeper and more involved process of seeking, learning and questioning that continues.

in the process of these wonderings, GOD brought in to our life a very special couple … who recognize Jesus as Messiah but seek to live out the way of living that GOD gave us in His Word (Torah).

and they invited us to passover seder! we ate, we laughed, we talked, we drank, we discussed, we learned, and we enjoyed. thank GOD.


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