brutal honesty … in the dressing room!

April 4, 2010

i need to find a (perfect, flattering, rockin) dress for my girlfriend’s wedding, which is NEXT weekend in SAN DIEGO! (*squeals of excitement for a road trip to my favorite city w/my little family for a dear friend’s wedding*)

so, i’ve been on the hunt for the dress. and in my “hunting”, i’ve had my sweet little 10 yr old daughter, aka fashionista, in tow.

in tow = in the dressing room with me as i try dresses on. i sent my hubby a frantic text during a dressing room “moment” yesterday that read something like, i am never bringing her shopping w/me again, she is criticizing everything and i am going crazy!

her feedback went something like this … “mama, that dress is horrible?! are you serious?”, “try THIS one, i love the color!!”, and my favorite: “that one makes your bottom look huge.” !!!

today, we were dress shopping again … this time w/my mama as well. and in yet another dressing room, i was actually thanking maddie for her fashionable advice and suggestions (she really has a STUNNING eye for fashion, colors, styles … way more than me). and in response, she said,

“mama, sometimes my honesty annoys you.”

yes, love, it does! i had to laugh. but at least i can always count on her for the cold, hard truth. =)


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