*WOW* weekend … and “socialization” =)

April 12, 2010

we just returned from a whirlwind road trip to San Diego to a dear friend’s wedding. i am amazed at how many highlights, moments, experiences, hugs, laughter and JOY could be packed in to a few short days. INCREDIBLE. i will post pics and highlights in the next few days (so thankful for my sweet hubs who takes countless pics along the way to capture all the moments).

in the meantime, the trip gave me several opportunities to have conversations with dear old friends about our decision to homeschool maddie this year. there was, as expected, a mixed response … from wholehearted support to more cautious and diplomatic questions. =)

one question/concern that was raised a few times was the favorite question of many homeschool families: what about socialization!? in responding to this, i thought through and shared what a typical week looks like for maddie, socially…

::tuesday nights, for the past several years, i go to a mama’s bible study at a friend’s house … maddie comes and gets to spend the evening w/other daughters (one of whom she’s known since maddie was 5 );

:: every thursday morning i do childcare at a church while she spends time learning w/another wonderful group of homeschool friends;

:: nearly every day of the week, neighbor mylia is in our home – those girls are like sisters, really;

:: we are now caring for sweet D, in which maddie is blossoming as an incredible helper (and cared for maria for a few months);

:: most weeks (sometimes many times in one week), we meet with friends (homeschool and non, ranging in age from 2 – 14 yrs) for playdates at their home, at ours, at the park, wherever!

::we spend time at least weekly with extended family;

and the list really goes on.

maddie’s “social circle” is larger now than it was when she was in school last year! (in fact, we were talking about how she had 2 friends last year with whom she played almost extensively at school).

so for now, rather than being “socialized” by a large group of 10 year olds, she spends abundant and active time with a variety of friends whose ages run the gamut.

and we think this is a good thing. =)


One Response to “*WOW* weekend … and “socialization” =)”

  1. Meredith Says:

    It sounds like homeschooling has been SUCH a blessing for Maddie! I think that if done well, it can be an incredible experience for the parents and the child!

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