Our whirlwind San Diego weekend …

April 15, 2010

to say that my cup was overflowing this past weekend would be an understatement. i literally cannot believe how much we squeezed in to a few short days; moments of such sweet connection, impact and sheer JOY …

our number one reason for taking this trip was to be at my dear friend Ali’s wedding … and we are SO glad we made the (semi-last minute) decision to go, as being there for her wedding was profoundly important and meaningful. that was certainly the highlight of our weekend!!

but there were many more … =) so here comes a “slide show”, to capture some of the highlights and memories of our fabulous san diego road trip!

(and ps – san diego is undisputedly my favorite city in the world. i was blessed to live there for 10 years and love that place w/such a familiarity and passion. my husband and i met while living in san diego and he loves it just as i do!we both agreed that it felt like being home, being there.)

we were able to stay on the campus of my alma mater: point loma nazarene university. a girlfriend reminded me of the alumni housing on campus and what a great experience that was! we were able to walk through the campus and down memory lane for me, while maddie got to soak up the college experience of her mama …

on the plnu campus, overlooking the track (and the ocean!)

near the campus entrance ...

my freshman year dorm ... sitting on sunset cliffs

the alumni house guest cottage where we stayed!

on the steps of the alumni house ...

saturday morning, after walking around campus, we headed to my old stomping grounds: ocean beach!

and then breakfast burritos that were to die for at my beloved roberto’s:

there is nothing that compares to be found in southern oregon!

next, the fabulous, uber-beach … mission beach!

total fun zone for kids! and there is the giant roller coaster coming up on the right ... =)

maddie was SOO excited before the ride ... and stunned and horrified after! the biggest one she's ever ridden, by far... and scary, she said!

really ?? pure bliss and beauty ...

maddie was busy collecting lovely shells ...

love my babe!

after our beach adventures, we changed and headed for the wedding … with some stops on the way! first stop was at my cousin aaron’s new home in mira mesa – so great to see him and jenna just a week after they flew up for easter!

next, we took maddie to spend time with kiara …

then,  we headed to villa de amore in temecula wine country, for one of the most joyful, gorgeous, incredible weddings i’ve ever attended!! ((quick disclaimer: sadly, our camera battery died before the ceremony started so hubby got some pre-wedding pics; he used sweet heidi’s camera for many more pics that i hope to upload here soon! ali was the most gorgeous bride! and i am sad we don’t have any here of my handsome hubs =))

so great to see tyra!

rebecca (aka, smacki), heidi and me!

heidi and i, tucked in there!

the “WOW” wedding, as hubs and i called it, went well in to the evening … reception (overlooking stunning vineyard views), a delicious dinner, toasts, dancing … a blessed event.

the next day, while maddie spent some time w/bobby:

hubby and i were able to return to the place of our first date, those many years ago … claire de lunes coffee shop. what memories we hold from that night life-changing night!

we made a quick and spontaneous visit to see my dear friend, patty, and meet her new baby , t.j!

and then we headed to the lovely bay, walking through seaport village and along the harbor …

check out that statue - see maddie holding on the leg?!

in front of the Midway - aircraft carrier turned museum

we headed back up the i-5 and stopped at south coast plaza’s rainforest cafe, to see my dearest friend jaina (plus her babies and parents!) what a TREAT!!

check this place out! maddie loved it =)


hailey, maddie, margie, jaina, riley, me and craig

and then, because the weekend hadn’t been full enough of adventure, we hit a SNOW storm on our drive back! completely surreal. the blessing: when the freeway closed (literally) we exited here:

and the only business open? a delightful mom and pop restaurant … they served up a hot breakfast, and mike had a blast chatting w/random stranded truckers, watching news and drinking coffee! ah, the silver lining …

*these pictures represent only a small fraction of the pictures my hubby took! i am SO grateful that he captures so many of the special moments in our lives. and this past weekend was definitely filled with them. =)


3 Responses to “Our whirlwind San Diego weekend …”

  1. liz Says:

    What gorgeous pictures! I had never been to San Diego until a couple of years ago, and it’s no surprise to me that real estate prices there are huge — supply and demand, right? — who wouldn’t want to live there? I’m sure the beauties of that place combined with such tender memories for you made it just magical. Thanks for sharing. It’s great to see you looking so radiant and happy.

  2. home2learn Says:

    thanks, liz! thinking of you as you begin an incredible adventure … =) please update on your blog!!

  3. Mere Says:

    Emily, you look especially FANTASTIC in these pictures–so healthy and happy! Love it!

    I love San Diego too. I got to row in the San Diego Crew Classic one year, and it was an absolute ball 🙂

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