“bowls” … leftover chicken w/rice

April 16, 2010

i put this “bowl” together for my hubby for lunch today and after eating it, he announced that it needs to be on the “Bowls” menu. =)

it is nothing fancy at all … but, he loves his food tasty/satisfying/hot/flavorful; and i love frugal/nourishing/simple! it covers all those bases.

(bummer that i didn’t think to take a pic before he devoured it!)


:: leftover short grain brown rice, cooked in chicken stock and then after being cooked, more chicken stock added to create a soupy, thick rice (plus lots of onion salt and sea salt added for flavor)

:: leftover chicken from an organic, whole chicken that i fixed 2 days ago (and made yummy stock from, which i’ll share about soon!)

:: pico de gallo

:: grated cheese

warm up the chicken and rice; top w/the pico and cheese,  and serve w/tortilla chips (for scooping) on the side. yum. =0)


One Response to ““bowls” … leftover chicken w/rice”

  1. Michele Says:

    Okay…now I’m hungry (: This sounds like a keeper…I think I might have to make some soon with some added goodies like scallions, black olives, black beans and red peppers. Okay…I’m off to the kitchen (:

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