being home

April 22, 2010

… allows a focus and opportunity for nourishing and healing through intentional choices throughout a day.

being gone from home during the week (for a short season) has reinforced the magnitude of the GIFT that it is, to be in my home throughout the day ..

i find that being gone lends itself to shortcuts, hurriedness, food more on-the-go, less time for prep steps that increase good nourishment.

this resonates deeply for me as i have a heart and burden for working mama’s (having been one for so many years); the near-impossibility of being able to deeply, slowly, thoughtfully, dive in to the layers of preparation, planning, work and time to feed and nourish our families really well.

i am convinced that we can’t “do it all”; it’s a lie in our culture. something will give.

and i’m finding that even in my small-scale (relatively) venture of working back outside the home; what “gives” are the nourishing details …

forgot to blend that fruit smoothie with glyconutrients to start our day; no time to thoroughly clean up the kitchen after breakfast prep; grabbing more processed, packaged food while caring for baby D (that we don’t keep at home so that it’s not within reach and tempting!); did i defrost meat for dinner, and what am i fixing!?; did i leave something for my  hubby to eat while we are gone?;  etc.

what a contrast with the ease of moving through our mornings at home; lingering over a satisfying, whole foods breakfast; blending a smoothie later when we feel hungry; sipping water throughout; prepping for dinner during schooling breaks; soaking food needed for tomorrow; cleaning as i go so big messes (in the kitchen, at least!) don’t pile up; doing laundry and cleaning throughout the day; beginning a cooking project i’ve been wanting to try (like this granola bar recipe!)

i am thankful for this time of contrast; for this great reminder of how blessed i am to be a mama at home. i do not take it for granted.


2 Responses to “being home”

  1. Tina Says:

    Emily, SO true. It is a true blessing. One the world often tries to steal from us.
    Thank You for this reminder. 🙂 Love reading your blogs as always.
    Love, Tina

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