roasted cabbage – yum!

April 22, 2010

i roasted cabbage – for the first time – for lunch today. it was *delicious*! i wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised; tasty, crunchy on the outside, somewhat sweet on the inside. i added more salt when it was done which was the final touch.  i will definitely make this again – healthy and we loved it!

SO simple:

i sliced both green and purple cabbage in slices about 1 inch thick, lay the slices on a baking sheet (that has been covered in olive oil). i brushed a few tbsp of olive oil over the slices of cabbage, and sprinkled salt, pepper and onion salt on top.

prepared and pre-roast

i baked them for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees …


2 Responses to “roasted cabbage – yum!”

  1. Michele Says:

    I have never thought about roasting cabbage! I have no idea why, but it looks wonderful! Cabbage is a favorite food…cooked or raw. This would be a great change! How is the red cabbage cooked? Is the flavor more mellow when roasted?

    Thanks for the idea!

    • home2learn Says:

      hi michele!
      both cabbages tasted remarkably mild, sweet and yummy after being roasted! even my daughter, who isn’t a big cabbage eater, really enjoyed them. =)
      enjoy, and i’d love to hear how yours turn out.

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