tuesday nights …

April 28, 2010

for the past 5 years (i can’t believe it’s been that long!) i’ve spent nearly every tuesday night at gretchen’s house. it is a rhythm and routine so built in to our life; maddie comes and loves the time w/sophie and kaitlin and any other kiddo that joins. it was may, 5 yrs ago, that gretchen shared w/me her idea of hosting a women’s bible study in her home. and since that time, GOD has blessed this group in countless ways. and there is this branching out … gretchen invited one, who the next year invited another, who this year invited another, etc. and now we have around 20 women; beautiful, amazing, real, authentic women!! coming together, around the Word (and food, of course!), sharing life.

and oh how i LOVE the time with the women … i am home tonight with a full heart. i sat during our study tonight just looking around, soaking in the deep comfort and contentment that i feel with these ladies. there are some that are “new” to the group; some of us have been there from the get go. we have laughed, cried, been vulnerable, learned, been stretched and challenged, prayed over, been encouraged and loved on … and so much more. real love in action; fellowship in the deepest sense, every week. i love relationship; deep, authentic relationship … and i have been so fortunate to go deep with many in this group and there are some who i long to know more deeply, and hope to as time unfolds.

thank you, gretchen, for opening your home, your heart and your life … for being faithful to what you felt led to do.


2 Responses to “tuesday nights …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What an amazing group Emily! Such a blessing…

  2. Michele Says:

    Emily, it’s so wonderful when we come together to connect with God. To learn more about Him, each other and ourselves, but it’s in this time of sharing our walk together that we learn the most. What a blessing your Bible study group is (:

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