on the same page

May 1, 2010

i am so grateful for unity in my marriage! there are times that i feel such gratitude to be married to this man; this person whom i have such respect and admiration for; who shares my core, foundational beliefs, convictions and goals.

he is a gift, and i am forever grateful to the Creator of life, Giver of grace and mercy, Provider of all and the One Who blesses abundantly when we obey and seek Him.

last night, my hubby and i talked and shared how we see God working in our home; specifically, how He is bringing (in increasing measure, it seems) sweet children in to our lives. hubby shared that he believes God is preparing us for something, bigger … what that will be, we aren’t sure. (my heart immediately goes to: a baby! bring life to my womb, LORD. )

we love loving these kids. and my hubby has such a gift in this area; the children gravitate to him and he teaches, encourages, guides, and loves … in such a tender, patient, selfless way (may i boast on him a little? he won a prestigious news’ station leadership award in san diego for a program he created for inner city youth … a man after my own heart!!).

and he is my great encourager, as well! as i wrestle w/selfishness (really, another night of having a house full of kids to feed? but on this issue, just last night, i came to a great place: friday nights is pizza-making night in our home, and has always included these two. so from now on, i’ll prepare and plan enough fixings for it to include whatever child wants to come! last night, we had 4 girls … excitedly building pizzas and loving joining the rhythm and structure of our home). he encourages and speaks life and opportunity, pointing out my strengths, and what he sees as my calling.

this morning, as i prepared waffles for the dynamic duo (maddie and mylia) i suggested mylia invite her older sister over to join. hubby and i have always held such a soft spot for this girl and a sense of deep concern: she just entered middle school, is lost and searching and vulnerable. so she came over, and as i cooked, hubby engaged her … sought out how school is going, talked through school subjects, offering ideas and encouragement.  basically, just showing interest and love. and she just lit up and shared and agreed to come over if she needs extra help in one of the subjects.

we make a great team, thank God!


One Response to “on the same page”

  1. E. thomas Says:

    *tears* Yes team Green is blessed!
    Praises to Jesus!

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