frugal meal plan for the week

May 4, 2010

as i did my meal planning for this week, my primary goal was to be frugal. i built my plans around one whole, organic chicken (around $11 so not cheap but a worthwhile splurge).

here’s what i did:

sunday: roasted the whole chicken in the crockpot w/chopped onions and carrots (seasoned liberally with onion powder, garlic salt, pepper and lots of thyme) – added a few cups of water (prefer it this way). cooked short grain brown rice in rice cooker; when it was finished, ladled in reserve liquid from crockpot to create a flavorful, soup-y rice. served chicken/carrots over rice w/cooked artichokes on the side.

sunday night: removed cooked chicken and stored for tomorrow’s meal. removed all bones in preparation for making chicken stock.

monday morning:  started chicken stock and let it simmer all day (i will post how i did this tomorrow!!)

dinner monday: used leftover chicken to make this yummy meal … plenty to share w/our friends who were over for dinner. served over last night’s leftover rice; cooked broccoli and fresh oranges on the side.

tuesday: dinner at gretchen’s before bible study … will make my hubby a sandwich. =)

prep tuesday night: soak pinto beans overnight.

wednesday dinner: pinto beans (cook them all day on low) over rice (another rice meal – oy!). serve w/our favorite fixins: cilantro, salsa, cheese, etc. tortilla chips for dipping. =)

thursday: chicken noodle soup w/stock made this week. add carrots and celery.

friday: homemade pizza nights, our usual!

that’s my plan for now … we’ll see how close i stick with it!


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