homeschooling highs and lows

May 10, 2010

being a homeschooling mom brings with it such a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts, generally falling somewhere in the range of: are we doing enough? to, are we doing too much?

finding that rhythm and balance took us some time and even now, knowing as we do that this is the right thing for our girl right now, there are still moments of honest struggle and questioning.

today, we were perusing homeschool books in barnes and noble and i picked up a workbook for a subject that we have not studied this year. as i thumbed through the pages, i was hit with uneasiness: have i failed miserably by not teaching her this? will she fall terribly behind? should i buy it and have her do an accelerated study, quickly??

i held the book, ready to make the purchase and rectify the wrong that i had certainly done in teaching my girl. but even in that moment, thank GOD, another part of me was remembering: keep focused on the big stuff, emily. if she didn’t learn this one detail but learned so many deeper, foundational truths, isn’t that enough? and since this is the first year, isn’t it ok that we didn’t cover every base but instead dove in with love and passion, enjoying the journey together?


and, the barnes and noble story continues =): my hubby came over and we looked together through the workbook. we agreed that yes, this is important for madison to learn at this time. it is not a crisis and it is not a reflection on me (i’ve failed miserably! i am not cut out for this!) but instead a simple matter of deciding that yes, we can incorporate this piece of learning in to our days in a fluid way; yes, she is ready to learn this and there is space in our learning schedule for this to happen. so, we bought the workbook. (and a few others!! =)

along these same lines, my heart was immeasurably blessed by a conversation i had with madison last week. we were driving by the school she attended last year, and i asked her, “do you think that you are learning as much at home as you learned at school last year?” it was an honest, genuine question.

and she responded, “mama, i think i am learning more.” more!! she then explained that now she is reading real BOOKS; many of them, not just segments out of a larger reading book. my girl is reading and loving books! that alone is so sweet … thank GOD.


7 Responses to “homeschooling highs and lows”

  1. Heather Says:

    What a great picture of the homeschooling struggle we moms go through at times. I love it when we can truly surrender our hopes, dreams, prayers and scope and sequences (smile) for our children to the Lord and allow Him to give us fresh vision for our lives as homeschooling moms.

    Thanks Emily and love you!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Thank you Emily for an honest post of that struggle we all feel from time to time. I join you in raising the Lord for those wonderful times when our children confirm that they are learning so much! Love to you my dear friend and Happy Mother’s Day!!

  3. Jessica Says:

    Oops! Meant to say PRAISING the Lord 🙂

  4. Jessica Averill Says:

    Wow Emily…..all I can say is…” I feel your pain “. Just recently I’ve been struggling with similar thought, both good and bad. Am I doing enough, Am I teaching the right things, Are we going deep enough into each subject, etc? And with the occasional arrows that come from friends and family that don’t understand why someone would homeschool, there are sadly times when I have to remind myself why I started in the first place.

    So much has happened in this year….but what helped me the last time I was struggling was when I made a list of everything we accomplished so far this year. We discovered that we really have done a ton AND best of all….we’ve covered so many Bible subjects and character issues which never would have taken place in a traditional school setting.

    Praise God that we have a good support group. I love you and am so glad we’re walking this journey together!

    • home2learn Says:

      thanks, jess. i sure didn’t intend to convey “pain” as much as the honest grappling and evaluating that we do, as homeschool parents … which i think is a good, normal part of this process. and ultimately, no matter what direction the pendulum swings (enough? not enough?) i know for sure that i am blessed to be home with my girl, teaching and loving and learning.
      love you!

  5. Kelly Says:

    Emily, Ohhhhh girl-friend! Words well written and loving the message even more. Thank you for the reminder and the honesty in which you write. Love it!!! Hugs!

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