weekend in pics

May 11, 2010

what  a full, glorious weekend … and it was sunny (yippee as it has turned back to clouds and rain today!~)

we started off with pizza night friday …

then saturday, maddie and i joined my mom, aunt nancy and grandma for an awesome girls day!! we stopped at some fabulous garage sales (maddie LOVES garage sales and *scored* on some darling, cheap clothes! i got a table/cabinet for $5 that i want to paint!). after garage saling, we went downtown to medford’s art in bloom, a girlie arts/flowers/food/pretties event. it was super warm, we had a great lunch and loved the time together.

sweet card and potted plant made at the kids' area!

grandma, aunt nancy, maddie and mom

sunday morning, i told my hubby that i really wanted to go sit in the sunshine at starbucks and just hang w/he and maddie. we did and it was *incredible*. we shared conversation and some invaluable family brainstorming after our girl shared her heart about summer plans. it felt so good for our little family unit to be so united (unit – united! haa) as we talked through what GOD has for our girl, specifically, as well as other great truths. we then browsed through the bookstore, just talking and perusing and enjoying. i am SO BLESSED by the extravagant love of my man and the precious gift of mothering maddie.

sunday afternoon we went to grandma’s for a bbq. yum! as always, ALWAYS, being at grandma and papa’s is so comforting, refreshing, and gratifying. we had some great laughs as uncle ron attempted to help grandma uproot a tree that had died and had roots that had taken over!

awesome hubby at the grill!

go, uncle ron!!

showing maddie how it's done =)

grandma and nancy =)


3 Responses to “weekend in pics”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Art in Bloom looked so fun!

  2. Grandma Says:

    Emily & Mike & Maddie,
    The weekend(Mothers) was wonderful and thank you for adding those wonderful pics.
    The “Arts in Bloom” was so pretty and entertaining & and amazing to see the gifts that God has given to so many people. Our community is so rich in talent.
    We had a great Mom’s weekend,thank you Emily, Margaret & Nancy. I love you. Grandma

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