“babe, let me know when you have a few minutes … “

May 12, 2010

my hubby and i have figured out a new little ‘system’ that is working wonderfully!

a little background: my hubby loves to process, share, brainstorm, discuss, and talk with his wife. =0) and i LOVE that he loves that, and want to always nurture and support him and be available when he needs me.

but i found that at times, i would become irritable, if he didn’t “get” that i was busy or otherwise occupied. for instance, on saturday, i was (crazily) cleaning madison’s “craft table” (aka, junk-fest). i was buried in piles and crayons and papers and mess. and i was focused. so sweet hubby comes up and begins to ask my feedback and thoughts about something specific he was working on.

and i *want* to join him in that process when he seeks that. but when i am engrossed in something (menial as it was) i am unable to be fully present and give him and the subject my full attention.

so, rather than me hissing,  growling and snarling (!!), i had a moment of clarity: let’s create a plan. =) when one of us is eager to connect with the other and share something, we first check in … “hey babe, let me know when you have a few minutes.”

it is working so well for both of us! it allows us to free up our minds from what we are focusing on, in order to give the other person our undivided attention.


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