freezing the moments

May 14, 2010

there have been a few times, in the past week, where time seemed to stop: i had my baby girl (10 years old!) on my lap, or laying beside me cuddling in bed, or under my fingertips as i gave her a tickle rub and we talked.

and i was struck: these moments are so fleeting. moments where my girl is comfortable bare and exposed, allowing me to massage and tickle. moments where i can still hold her on my lap (even though she insists she is too big, my arms still envelop her)!

i see evidence daily of her growing up;  her independence, her awareness of boundaries and privacy and who she is in the world. and i love it, and i thank GOD for this growing girl who is so thoughtful, tender, creative, expressive, sensitive.

and it is also bittersweet.

so yesterday, as we sat on the deck outside in the sun … mama, running her hands through her girl’s hair, twirling and braiding … daughter, talking and sharing and laughing … i chose to soak. to not let my mind wander ahead to the next “chore” or item on my list of things to do; but simply, to BE. loving life, and LOVING being mama to this angel gift that GOD has given.

( i browsed through some of the *thousands* of pics we have of maddie on the computer, and couldn’t resist posting these few)

and few months old and WAY TOO DELICIOUS!!

2 yrs old

6 yrs old, posing!... =)

6 yrs old - she looks so little next to me!


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