stepping out of my comfort zone

May 18, 2010

yesterday, i left my family during a sweet afternoon and went to the home of a near-stranger, to meet with other complete strangers. as i walked up the walkway of the home, and saw the women sitting in the front yard, i felt a little nervous … a little like how my daughter may feel in situations in which i insist she act bravely and venture forth.  great lesson for mama!! the funny thing is that i would not consider myself (at all!) shy; i love  people; love getting to know people and diving deeply in to relationship.  but yesterday i felt nervous and silly, walking up to this group of strangers!!

the sweet mama who invited me has opened her home to homeschooling mama’s and i have resisted going … i think because for the past year,  my cup has felt very full with the amazing women GOD has brought in my life, that are walking this homeschooling journey with me. but when i got the invite for this most recent gathering, i felt inspired to go. to meet other women; to be stretched and meet others who may be in a similar season.

and i am glad that i went! i sat next to a mama with whom i felt an immediate connection. i am looking forward to getting to know her!

it’s interesting; there are many, many homeschooling families in our area but there are “pockets” and groups that meet, that somehow don’t ever intersect. i am in one of those “groups” ( and am so thankful) but i am also glad to be connecting with others and would love to see the larger community come together … (co-op? =))


2 Responses to “stepping out of my comfort zone”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Great Emily! Sounds like you had a good time 🙂 I like the pockets…it’s sort of like churches in the valley…the greater body of believers all come together for larger events like homeschool conferences, or performing arts nights, etc. I love those times together, large and small.

  2. Meredith Says:

    Oh, I so understand that nervousness about putting yourself out there in a new group–particularly where the others already know each other well!

    But, it’s good to hear that you’re glad you went!

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