fish bowl =)

May 21, 2010

we are getting in to a little routine in our home: thursday night has become “fish” night, and for a hubby and daughter who were *not* big fish eaters, this is pretty cool!

after we ate, my hubby asked if this is on the BOWLS menu, so i was reminded to share about it here …


one package white fish (whatever is affordable that week at the store – we love halibut)

coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil

fresh squeezed lemon juice

seasoning: turmeric, onion powder, sea salt, cumin, pepper

place all fish in a flat bowl; squeeze lemon over and add a little olive oil. begin sprinkling seasoning over …

warm up about 1/4 c coconut oil in a pan. add the fish, and once in the pan, season the remaining surface of the fish. i like turmeric and onion salt; my hubby loves lots of seasoning and “kick”; my daughter doesn’t so much. after a few minutes, i turn the fish over.  cook them until done, about 5-7 minutes total.

the fish cooking =)

last night, i served the fish over quinoa with a caesar salad and fresh berries on the side. usually, we have fresh beets on the side (i love the beet greens, sauteed!).


One Response to “fish bowl =)”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Well, now you make we want to try beet greens too :). I haven’t served white fish in awhile, and this makes me think I should do so this week – thanks!!

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