sparing from disappointment

May 23, 2010

is it my mama’s heart that wants to protect my girl from disappointment?

i saw it play out vividly (albeit small-scale) this weekend: we didn’t have our usual friday night pizza night w/the neighbor girls (i was out running errands that afternoon; maddie and mike picked up fast food late afternoon; it was rainy and when i got home they were full, no kids were out playing, and i had preparations to do to prepare for hosting a brunch the next morning).

there was no crying and gnashing of teeth (ha!) but our girl was bummed; she commented about it not being our usual, fun friday night. she sat in her room, alone at her desk. things were scattered.

and because i am sentimental about routines and traditions i also felt that the night was “off.” in fact, this weekend has been a little upside down as far as our usual rhythm as a family.

but as i’ve thought through it; about how i cringe inside seeing my girl feeling let down, etc … i have realized: i had countless times of disappointment and letdown as a child (small and large scale).

and usually, there was no one to process, debrief, mitigate, buffer … i just felt it. sat with it. and i believe, i grew stronger and more of who GOD designed for me to be through it.

i want my girl to experience unpleasant emotions to provide contrast to the usual stream of joyful contentment that marks her life. i want her to have perspective, insight and above all, to rely on her Creator and Maker to comfort, guide and walk with her.


2 Responses to “sparing from disappointment”

  1. jani Says:

    As hard as it is I firmly believe it’s for their own good that they get to experience small disappointments even when they are small… prepares them for real life! Our mama hearts cannot help wanting to make life smooth and pleasant for them at all times. You are a great mom!

  2. Meredith Says:

    I agree with you–I think working through disappointment and frustration is an important SKILL that we can teach our kiddos.

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