a few things …

May 26, 2010

:: maddie completed S.A.T. tests this week! way to go, girl … gave her best effort, and she was so glad to be done. even though she didn’t “have” to do them this year (not required of homeschooled 4th graders in our area), i decided that she would, as it might provide some helpful insight for me, her teacher! i have to say – it was pretty cool, seeing *many* homeschool families in one place. a beautiful, diverse group of people! it was quite an adjustment, having to get up and be ready so early (it’s all relative – 8:30am feels really early to us now!)

:: seriously, where is the summer weather??? it has been unseasonably cold; rain and dark clouds yesterday. really?! i am SO READY for some sunshine and warm rays. the weatherman promises maybe next week …

:: we are winding down our time watching little D man and i can’t even imagine not spending our days with him!! we will miss him so much; hard to believe how much we’ve bonded and fallen in love. thank GOD for bringing us together.

:: very exciting times in my hubby’s company! GOD is blessing, and opening doors.

:: i still have not totally “come around the bend” re: some personal issues and am continuing to learn to submit, to not fear, to rest and believe. i know that GOD is teaching and refining me through this and that He has good plans; i just want to fast forward to the place that I think He wants me: fearless (fearing Him only); surrendered, living abundantly! what i know for sure is that the enemy would love for me to live less than a Spirit-filled, abundant life (which is mine in Christ!). i feel like i take 2 steps forward, one back sometimes. i am so thankful for His faithfulness; for faithful, loyal friends; for a new day.


2 Responses to “a few things …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    You are so right that it’s all relative…8:30am feels SO late to me now!

    Also, I am totally right there with you about this gunky weather. My garden isn’t loving it either!

  2. home2learn Says:

    mere, really … as i write this, the weather is still rainy!? seriously. praying for patience and a content spirit, no matter the weather. =)

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