a common scene around our table …

May 29, 2010

mike and asiana

“do you know what that means?” is the question out of my hubby’s mouth, many times during the week.

the recipient: a sweet little girl who has used a word inappropriately or failed to learn a lesson being taught around a certain word or subject. the question usually prompts groans from the girls who know what is coming: “please go and bring the dictionary.” =)

time for learning!!

despite the groans, the girls love the learning that happens and are proud to share the words that they now know.

tonight, our sweet guest, asianna, was having a hard time relinquishing her cell phone and so she got to look up the word “text” and come to understand it’s meaning. =0)

i love that my hubby wraps these plentiful teaching moments in so much love, teddy bear warmth and kindness … learning through all things.


2 Responses to “a common scene around our table …”

  1. Life Says:

    Love it! You have a beautiful learning & teaching space 🙂 Your guests are well-blessed!

  2. Life Says:

    ‘Gotta git me a dic-shun-arie! 😉

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