a perfect date day and night w/my man!

May 31, 2010

we started with an incredible hike up through lithia park … stopping at a few benches to talk and just soak in the day.

after hiking, we decided to try out a local restaurant we’d seen a few times. it wasn’t fabulous, but sitting outside on the sunny patio (finally sun!) together felt great.

next, we went to  a movie … it’s been awhile! we saw, “date night”, which we agreed was silly and good for a few laughs. more of a rental, really.

after the movie, we stopped by starbucks for a yummy drink and fun watching local kids return from a school dance.

i feel so blessed! mike is my favorite person in the world to talk with, explore, brainstorm, share my heart, process ideas … and also to enjoy the silence and comfort of togetherness.


3 Responses to “a perfect date day and night w/my man!”

  1. Meredith Says:

    I love it! I DREAM of the day when we will go on dates again!

  2. Life Says:

    You are both well-blessed. Appreciating each other, and focusing in on the positives in each other builds you both to be closer to the Original Design YHWH has for you.
    Glad you got a date night 🙂

  3. home2learn Says:

    mere, i remember feeling like the days of a lengthy, carefree date w/my man would never come! and yet, the time will fly, my friend. =)

    shawnna, sweet words, friend! yes, and thank you.

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