we all have our “things”

June 2, 2010

a friend made a comment a while back that has stuck with me: we all have our “stuff”, the thing(s) that are potentially annoying irritants to the ones who love us.

we were discussing some logistical issues that were taking place in the context of a larger group setting (walking a little closely to that delicate line that can teeter on gossip. it’s a place that i don’t like to walk and i believe that we avoided crossing the line in our conversation).

that said, there was a point mentioned that prompted my friend’s comment: we do all have our stuff; the thing that our friends just know and put up with in each of us. right away, i thought of my “thing” and my patient friends who have hung w/me as i bring up this (likely) irritating issue repeatedly.

it’s the plank in our own eye, speck in our friend’s eye concept: we can so clearly see the “thing” in our friend (why doesn’t she get over that thing?? can’t she let that go?? is she still repeating that same problematic parenting/marriage behavior?? etc ad nauseam).

and the goal? to keep loving, to overlook irritations and to refrain from judgment in my heart.

i have been so blessed by the friends in my life!!

thank you, LORD, for loyal, loving, patient, long-suffering friends! and thank You, most of all, for your grace and love that is my example and never ceases to amaze me.


2 Responses to “we all have our “things””

  1. Jessica Averill Says:

    Amen Friend! I hear you and agree! If this was Facebook I would press the *like* button. LOL!

  2. Heather Says:

    Well spoken Em – as Beth reminded us tonight -Love Deeply (pass the “stuff”)

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