the sweet drawer =)

June 6, 2010

“honey, help yourself to whatever you like.”

these are words repeated by my beloved grammy countless times when we are together; she lives and breathes hospitality, graciousness and love, and today was no different. she had fed us a delicious, nourishing (she is amazingly able to accomplish those two things consistently) lunch, and when it was finished … i needed a bite of something sweet. =)

she motioned me to a drawer in the kitchen; the drawer, filled with every imaginable delight and sweet treat. and it made me smile (and have to take a picture!). she thinks of *everything*, down to having a special drawer filled with a plethora of delights (ranging, as you can see, from dark chocolate to sweetened seaweed to dates to peppermints to …).

maddie, digging in!

there is such a refreshing orderliness (is that the word?) to all the things within her home; placed comfortably and completely within reach of guests, designed to meet any need that you may have (a safety pin? extra mascara? organic lip balm? an extra sparkling drink? something to read? another chair to sit on? … )

beyond her stunning hospitality, loving spirit and giving ways, she is gorgeous and super “cool”! we walked downtown today and she pointed out a women’s fitness studio that has a yoga class she is going to try next week. i want to try a new yoga class!! hee hee =)

she is such a gift, and it was great getting to spend today together!

our fun girls' day today ... grammy, maddie and mom

enjoying our 25 cent phosphates at the local soda fountain ... a favorite when i was a child (and my mom, too!)


3 Responses to “the sweet drawer =)”

  1. jani Says:

    Oh, yes, orderliness is a word… I’m sure it’s next to cleanliness, which is next to godliness. 🙂

    What a special day! Thanks for sharing… and ‘a sweet drawer’! What a great idea.

  2. Meredith Says:

    There used to be this old diner/soda shop in Shady Cove that we would sometimes go to growing up…I used to love trying all the flavors 🙂 I miss it!

  3. Life Says:

    Oh, what a blessing to have family you enjoy close by!!!

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