chicken fried rice

June 8, 2010

i needed to make something yummy and nourishing w/the food that i had on hand, and this was a hit! it was a complete meal; we each had a bowl for dinner and were completely satisfied. what a quick, easy summer dinner!

(while eating, hubby said that this needs to be on the “bowls” menu, so we put it on the list!)


:: i chopped carrots, celery and purple (red?) cabbage (what we had in our fridge) in small pieces and sauteed in about 1/3 c coconut oil + a few tsp of sesame oil.

:: i added some garlic salt, sea salt, and onion powder to the simmering veggies.

:: when the veggies were more “soft” than crunchy, i pushed aside some room in the pan and fried 2 pastured eggs (adding some more seasoning).

:: when eggs were fried and scrambled up, i added cooked short grain brown rice (which i had put in the rice cooker earlier in the day).

:: i poured in some braggs liquid aminos (aka, soy sauce) and a few more tsps of sesame oil. i stirred to ensure all the rice/veggies were covered in the liquid.

:: separately, i had earlier boiled some frozen boneless chicken tenders. when they were cooked and cooled, i chopped them up. in a small pot on the stove, i warmed up some agave + liquid aminos (soy sauce) + powdered ginger + a scooch of corn starch … stirred til somewhat thick, then added the chopped chicken. this gave the chicken a yummy flavor!

:: i added the flavored chicken to the rice mix, stirred it all, added some more salt to taste, and voila: dinner!!

not the best pic ... and boy, do i need new pans!!


5 Responses to “chicken fried rice”

  1. Meredith Says:

    This looks yummy!

    I need to experiment and figure out a way to do an egg-less fried rice that still tastes like fried rice! I love eating it, but always pay for it later.

  2. home2learn Says:

    yes, mere! you could totally do this without the eggs, and it wouldn’t be missed. =)

  3. Life Says:

    You inspired last night’s dinner– we had different stuff on-hand, so it wound up being a rice & eggs baked into a sausage-flavored thing. Never saw anything like it… but it worked for dinner 🙂 Thanks!!!

  4. home2learn Says:

    shawnna, yum! sounds great. and knowing your amazing cooking skills, i bet it was delicious. =)

  5. Katie Says:

    Sounds so good! I think sesame oil is what my fried rice has been missing.

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