does it get any better, really ??

June 13, 2010

what an incredible birthday. (#35 … which, for the first time, came with the sense of getting older). the fullness of blessing and love shown to me yesterday has my heart still just soaking … thanking … reflecting.

:: doorbell rings: flower delivery from my husband, with this card:

:: maddie, urgent the night before for hubby to take her shopping for my gift, since she knew “exactly” what i wanted (and she did!)! she is amazing.

:: gifts, beautifully wrapped by my girl, on the table to greet me in the morning.

:: precious, homemade card from maddie:

written inside, "dear mommy, happy birthday. 35 years old, wow! i think we had a great first year of homeschooling. i hope every year will be like this one. love, maddie"

:: birthday lunch at my mom’s house … all my family there, eating the best food (mom had all my favorites! her homemade macaroni salad, sushi, fresh fruit, chocolate cake, and more), sitting out in the sunshine, gifts, laughter. i felt so loved.

(and only one picture, since the camera battery died – darn!)

maddie and stephanie w/little "lexie"

:: and then, a spontaneous … “let’s go to the lake on this beautiful, warm evening!” ended up being the best idea ever.

:: maddie and mylia had a *blast* in the water, with the logs; hubby and i loved reading, talking and just taking in the beauty around us.

thank you, LORD, for love and blessing and joy … in abundance. You are the Giver of all good things, and i am thankful.


2 Responses to “does it get any better, really ??”

  1. Meredith Says:

    I firmly believe that being at the lake is the BEST way to spend a birthday!

    LOVE that note from Mike–perfect!

  2. Life Says:

    Mmm– “soaking” with you 🙂

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