a welcome home …

June 22, 2010

maddie and i returned from an *awesome* trip to seattle (pics and details coming soon!) to an empty home … sweet hubby is in denver at a conference.

but check out what he left for his girls … we were so surprised and happy!!!

the first note we found, on maddie's bed =) tears spilled from her eyes.

on our bed ...

we found this one later, on my computer!!

i love him sooo much!!!


4 Responses to “a welcome home …”

  1. Jessica Averill Says:

    I Love the way your man is loving on you two! Praise God for your awesome hubby! His notes made me smile even as I read them on your blog.

  2. jaw123456 Says:

    Way to go Mike! How thoughtful of him to take the time and make it a priority to leave something for you both. It makes the transition of coming home to an empty house a sweeter experience.

  3. jani Says:

    He’s a keeper! 🙂

  4. Life Says:

    Oh, so sweet! You’re all so well blessed! Hugs! Tearing up w/ Maddie.

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