discipline for mama

June 27, 2010

the conversation at our (wonderful, refreshing, inspiring) homeschool mama’s brunch this morning came back to this theme that has been at the front of my mind this past week: parenting is hard work. specifically,  it requires discipline on my part, to consistently do the thing that might be hard and that i might be tempted to not enforce in the moment.

keeping the standard of excellence raised high, and consistently expecting best effort and obedience from our children, takes work as a mama. it is often easier to allow the lackluster effort and laziness to slip by, as if unnoticed.

i have struggled this week with feelings of inadequacy as a mom; feeling like i lack the skills to know the best strategy to put in place. my hubby encouraged me in this, as we discussed one particular character training issue with our daughter: i do know the “thing” to do and really, it’s just doing it.

i loved the analogy that one mom shared this morning, paraphrased from a wonderful sally clarkson book: we are gardeners, tending the garden (our children). as gardens do, they will grow if untended … sometimes producing some beautiful things, but ultimately becoming unruly and wild. gardening takes intention, discipline, commitment, consistency and love.

and the beautiful flowers will be worth it in the end. =0)

sweet flowers planted this spring


One Response to “discipline for mama”

  1. Life Says:

    Me, too. It’s tough to follow through, letting them experience the consequences of their actions, and live with their own choices sometimes–I’d love to protect them from that, but doing the work that it takes to enforce those choices does pay off. Hugs, Mamma– you’re rearing a beautiful young lady.

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