summer fun =)

July 1, 2010

it has been a wonderful several days of blessed time with family and friends! the weather has finally *turned* and we are enjoying beautiful sunshine … summer!

here are a few picture highlights of the past several days, starting with our trip to visit family in seattle …

maddie, mom, grandma, joy and tina, in front of some music museum in seattle!

at the top of the space needle - so cool!!

pike's market =)

maddie and her favorite little friend, bella

and this $9 slip-n-slide from walmart has proved to be such a great deal! it has provided hours of fun for maddie and her friends.

water park fun with sophie, mae and maddie

sweet park time with friends ... sarah and abby

and, a *big* event … tooth #10 came out!!!

i love these flowers in my backyard!

the past week has also been filled with: a wonderful brunch w/some homeschool mama’s; dinner at our dear friends’ home; movie with the fam (“karate kid 2”, and we loved it!); morning coffee date with a girlfriend; and a morning movie at our local theater ($1!).

despite the uncertainties that accompany the scary-but-wonderful existence of truly living in faith … i feel really blessed.


2 Responses to “summer fun =)”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Like my favorite Brad Paisley song goes, “I live for little moments like that!”

  2. home2learn Says:

    yes, mere, totally … the sweet moments that overshadow the others with their love, joy and sweetness.

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