art camp

July 7, 2010

i am proud of my girl, and having one of those glad-it’s-working-out-as-i-hoped mama moments.

maddie is enrolled at “drawing camp”, at our local art gallery, and she loved the first day!!  she is exceptionally creative and artistic and when we had a family “brainstorming” session a couple months ago, we discussed and agreed that she will participate in a limited number of learning opportunities in her area(s) of gifting. our explanation: God gives gifts and we can either bury them under a rock, or avail ourselves to teaching and learning, to grown,  expand our gifts and share them.

for a girl that would prefer to avoid unknown, new situations and remain within her comfort zone (home, family and known friends) …. this call to be stretched and grow can be uncomfortable. she was nervous yesterday and not exactly jumping with excitement as we drove to the art gallery. =0)

and guess what?! she loved it!! she and another little girl arrived at the same time and sat together at one of the many table spread with supplies. the teacher, with her bright smile and thick accent (swiss? french?) greeted the kids. i waved goodbye (and *totally* enjoyed my solo mama morning at the gym and starbucks =)).

when i returned, maddie’s arms were brimming with papers; she could hardly contain her excitement in sharing all the new techniques that she was taught (gesture vs. contour, etc etc!). she made 2 new friends, and couldn’t wait until tomorrow, when they will be learning how to draw self-portraits.

my mama heart is glad.


2 Responses to “art camp”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What fun for Maddie (and you too)!

  2. jani Says:

    My mama heart is glad with you! It just warms me from head to toe. 🙂

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