mispronunciations =)

July 10, 2010

why are the mispronunciations of our babies so cute and endearing?!

confession: i couldn’t bring myself to correct some of the cuter mispronunciations for the longest time. =) ( a few of my favorite, without referring to my journal entries of many more: “coth” instead of “cough”; and “ongyun” instead of “onion”).

so the other night, we were cracking up! we were at the dinner table, talking about gossip and hearing only one side of a story. my  hubby began to give an analogy, describing a jury and jurors. and maddie says, “i want to be a jur-o, like churro!”  lol.

and later that same night …

maddie: “i want a fixture-upper house.” =)


3 Responses to “mispronunciations =)”

  1. jani Says:

    My baby always said “Quge” for huge. 🙂
    My oldest would call a grasshopper a “grasshelper”.
    I never wanted to correct them.

  2. home2learn Says:

    jani – so sweet!!! =)

  3. Meredith Says:

    I love them too- my nephew calls Lizzy “Whizzy”, which I think is pretty hilarious.

    Growing up, my brother called the refrigerator a “Fridger-Frator” 🙂

    I really like the fixture upper house!

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