various things …

July 15, 2010

it’s been an interesting week, and promises to be eventful as this coming weekend is my (awesome) cousin’s wedding – and maddie is the flower girl!

some highlights, lowlights and in-between stuff:

:: on monday, we started a new “childcare job”: caring for a 5 WEEK old and 3 year old – brothers, and sons of my mom’s coworker. wow. it is a blessing, it is provision, and we get to love on sweet babies. AND, it is an adjustment! 3 year olds are busy, our home isn’t very big, and my hubby’s home “office” is in our living room. so, things could get interesting.

:: monday night, hubby and i took maddie and mylia to the local children’s festival. it is an incredible event; an annual tradition for us girls, and mike’s first time going. we had such a great time; the weather was perfect (usually i am miserably hot); i ran in to many friends; the girls had a blast; and it was fun just hanging w/hubby, my favorite person to be with.

face painting =)

:: i got a mani/pedi today, thanks to sweet gretchen! what a treat … it’s been so long (years?) since i’ve had it done. and with the wedding festivities starting tomorrow, it feels great to have pretty nails and toes. (( can i say, though, that i am such a dork?! for starters, i wore a skirt – what was i thinking? it was one of those “spa” pedicures, so i was sitting up high, with the sweet gal down beneath, and i had a skirt on. duh. she, graciously, spread a towel over my knees. =) and, what was up with that gyrating “massage” chair?! i typically love those things, but i thought my innards were going to explode out of my body. finally, i had the courage to turn around and find the control, which i adjusted to the “kneading” setting (as opposed to thrash-vibrate-shake-your-guts-out one). finally (no more venting, i promise!) how *awkward* when the lady doing my nails tried to up-sell me,  in her broken english? i just smiled and agreed (no clue what she was saying), realizing later that she wanted $7 extra for an “american” manicure. no thanks! ))

:: tonight, our little fam was just finishing dinner when the neighbor girls stopped by. i agreed that madison could play, contingent on them agreeing on a positive plan (a game or activity) within earshot (of me). i began to wash dishes, when one of the girls came and propped along the counter, watching me. really, she was hinting and finally spelled out how hungry she was. the girls had already requested pickles (mylia’s favorite) when they first arrived. now, monica was saying she was hungry. and, the truth is, i struggled a bit. she is a hard one for me; she brings a lot of junk in our home, and is a source of much discussion with hubby re: our role in loving vs. protecting (madison, from her negative influence). so, i was trying to get through my pile of dishes, and monica was – in her typical dramatic fashion – saying how she was “starving.” i was half paying attention, mostly just trying to get through the task at hand. but then, i stopped and looked at her.  “have you eaten today?” her answer was no. “nothing, all day?” again, no. was there anything at home to eat? no. my heart softened and i stood back to see the  bigger picture; the bigger priority: i needed to feed this girl. no matter that we had just finished eating and i didn’t feel like starting over with preparing food; no matter that we have very little “extra” food, no matter anything. feed my sheep, He said. and so, i fed. LORD, forgive my selfish heart.

:: … still trying to both understand and have peace about the unknowns with my body. some days are better than others, and after nearly a year of not feeling “100%”, i am determined to trust, believe and not be fearful. it’s not always (or ever) easy. but i am learning SO much, about health and healing and living and eating and nourishing our bodies. i know that GOD has me on this journey for a reason, and my goal is to use this all for His glory. for me, that means choosing belief over fear, in the moments. and speaking of fear, the pastor offered a convicting question last week: how many chapters in my life are being written by fear?

:: wow, this “brief” blurb has grown way too long! we are looking forward to a full and incredible weekend of wedding festivities! we will be busy morning to night, starting tomorrow, but i’ll put some pics up after wedding extravaganza!! =) (( i was laying by my aunt’s pool yesterday with the bride and groom-to-be, discussing the mountain of logistics they are figuring out. and then i said – the great news, the bottom line, is that you are getting MARRIED! right? when all is said and done, you’ll be married … and married is AWESOME. =0)


2 Responses to “various things …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What a sad story about Maddie’s friend who hadn’t eaten all day 😦 I wonder how often that happens in her life….

    It’s wedding weekend for us too 🙂

  2. Life Says:

    HUGS! I have two little “challenges” around here, too– finally figured out they hadn’t eaten regularly, either. Partly due to their own choices, but they’re children– so I offer healthy choices when they’re here. It’s what I CAN do, now.
    Hooray for mani/pedicures!!! Such a luxury… maybe we’ll have to “study” fingernail & toenail growth & care in home school sometime soon LOL!

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