stunning provision

July 21, 2010

here is what is wild: the title of this post, “stunning provision”, is a title i had planned to use in march. and here again, in july, we are experiencing stunning provision.

stunning – nothing we could expect or plan or anticipate – that leaves no room to wonder: He continues to meet all of our needs. and then some.

in the most creative ways!!

so often, we (i) can forget what He’s done, the ways He’s provided and fulfilled His purposes in our lives. i hate how quickly i can forget! so i am sharing this today in order to REMEMBER. i want at the forefront of my mind, to be the knowing that He cares about the details of my life and that He blesses His children.

further, i believe that He blesses obedience and in this latest circumstance, my husband chose honor and integrity and honesty (even when i was tempted the other way – to “manipulate” slightly – in order to ensure the financial outcome we wanted) … and we were blessed.

like we were reminded at bible study last night: nothing happens in secret; we are all laid bare before Him … our hearts and our motives. He knows, and He blesses.


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