nuggets of summer …

July 28, 2010

we’ve so enjoyed some frugal summer fun! some highlights that we’ve enjoyed:

:: lots of swimming!! there are 2 local pools (one with 75 cents swimming on sundays – we’ve taken maddie and mylia the past few sunday afternoons); the other is $1 and has a cool waterslide that the girls love! but our very favorite swimming spot is aunt nancy and uncle ron’s pool: the price is right (free!), i can relax on a lounge chair and watch the kids, while getting to (sometimes) visit with nancy or ron. there is a trampoline right by the pool, so a double treat!

:: monday,  maddie and i created a scavenger hunt list for our local mall (some items on our list: a red swimsuit, a baby with a bow, a clock, a brown chair, black high heeled shoes, etc) and we had a BLAST doing it! we had our lists and lots of giggles as we circled the mall, crossing things off.

:: on sunday, we decided to go to a local church that holds their service in a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater in the summer. what an experience; the teaching from the Word was so refreshing for my spirit, the worship was wonderful,  and just the experience of being in the beauty of GOD’s creation, worshiping with others … was so special. and a cool bonus? they have a free, awesome bbq after every service! we had the girls, and were able to grub on delicious, free food after the service. what a treat.  (i took some cute pics but don’t have the camera to upload now … will in a few days)

:: did i mention yet that i was given a bike? a BIKE!! =) i am soo excited and grateful – it’s something i’ve been wanting for so long. i’ve already nicknamed it the “Glider” because i honestly feel like i am gliding when i ride!!

:: the other morning, my hubby returned from the gym, and i was out on our back lawn drinking coffee and doing my bible study. he pulled up a chair on the grass and we had the sweetest time of talking and sharing, exploring the life of David,  personal application … the deep stuff of life. i am so grateful to have a life partner and soul mate with whom i share these sweet moments.

:: yesterday i hosted some dear girlfriends and their girls for a “girlie craft time”! my friend, jessica, generously brought some incredible craft supplies; we spread out, crafted and visited. the girls and mama’s loved it!

:: hubby is out of town, so maddie and i have some special mama-daughter plans for today:  we are going to see the “ramona” movie which she’s been wanting to see so badly since it was released – i am excited, too!

:: i tried this lentil salad yesterday:   it was ok; not something my hubby will likely enjoy but something i can eat for lunch over a week.


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