exercise – i need a plan and a goal

August 1, 2010

hubby and i took the girls to one of our favorite local parks this evening, for a picnic and some play. as he and i walked around the “track” at the park, we talked about exercise.

i am realizing that i love when i have an exercise plan and am executing it. for example, a few years ago i determined to run the local pear blossom 5k. for a non-runner, this was a huge feat … but i was ready for the challenge. i am very competitive, and have good follow through when i set up a very clear plan. for that run, i trained for 3 months, without fail … and the feeling of crossing the finish line was *awesome*.

i want a plan like that, but have almost too much information/ideas/”programs”/ possibilities. i read so much, including and especially about health and wellness. and, i have dabbled in so many things lately but nothing with consistency (tennis, yoga, the shred workout video, bike rides, walks, jogs, etc etc).

on one hand, i’ve enjoyed the yoga classes that i’ve tried recently, and can imagine doing that on a regular basis. it was a surprisingly good workout that was also soothing and stretching, which i love.

on the other hand, i just received a fabulous bike, and can imagine riding regularly and with a plan … doing cardio and enjoying it (imagine that!).

then again, i think … maybe i should run again (it felt so good when i went the other morning); maybe a running program  a few days/week,  a couple days of strength training, and a day of yoga??

i told mike that what i would *love* is to meet with a personal trainer; one that wasn’t attached to a particular workout “program” (must do “crossfit” or die, for instance) but was rather extremely knowledgeable about the human body as well as whole food nutrition (the most important part of any workout program, in my opinion).

alas, we don’t have a budget for a personal trainer. so i need to simply make up my mind … create a plan with specific goals in mind (ie, a distance goal for running) and then DO IT!


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